Eclipse fog05 with ETSI OSM Orchestrator

Eclipse fog05 is compatible with ETSI OSM, and can be used as a VIM by this one. Current interoperability is limited to simple NS using LXD containers as VNFs.

Let’s suppose we have a multi node fog05 deployment and we want to connect this deployment to OSM to instantiate VNFs.

First let’s add the VIM account to OSM

osm vim-create --name fos --auth_url <zenoh server ip>:7447 --account_type fos --tenant osm --user dummy --password dummy --config '{hypervisor: LXD}'

Following paramater can be added

  • arch cpu architecture used when creating the VDUs for this VIM account eg. x86_64, aarch64, default is x86_64.
  • hypervisor hypervisor supported by this VIM account, can be one of: LXD, KVM, BARE, DOCKER, ROS2, at least one node of the system as to be able to manage the selected hypervisor, currently only LXD is supported within the OSM connector.

Images need to be already present at the VIM.

Example NS

Here you can find and example of network service that can be instantiated to the Eclipse fog05 VIM using OSM. The network service is composed by a single VNF based on an Alpine Linux LXD image.


   -   id: alpine_vnfd
       name: alpine_vnf
       short-name: alpine_vnf
       description: Simple VNF example with a Alpine
       vendor: OSM
       version: '1.0'
       logo: alpine.jpg
           -   name: eth0
               type: VPORT
       -   id: alpine_vnfd-LXD
           name: alpine_vnfd-LXD
           description: alpine_vnfd-LXD
           count: 1
               vcpu-count: 1
               memory-mb: 256
               storage-gb: 1
           image: alpine-lxd
           -   name: eth0
               type: EXTERNAL
                   type: VIRTIO
                   bandwidth: '0'
                   vpci: 0000:00:0a.0
               external-connection-point-ref: eth0
           cp: eth0


   -   id: alpine_nsd
       name: alpine_ns
       short-name: alpine_ns
       description: Generated by OSM pacakage generator
       vendor: OSM
       version: '1.0'
       -   member-vnf-index: 1
           vnfd-id-ref: alpine_vnfd
       ### Networks for the VNFs
           -   id: alpine_nsd_vld1
               name: alpine_nsd_vld1
               short-name: alpine_nsd_vld1
               type: ELAN
               mgmt-network: 'true'
               -   member-vnf-index-ref: 1
                   vnfd-id-ref: alpine_vnfd
                   vnfd-connection-point-ref: eth0

VLAN Configuration (optional)

If you want your fog05 installation to be able to use VLANs for virtual networks instead of overlay VxLANs you need to change the configuration on all nodes. You need to update the configuration file /etc/fos/plugins/linuxbridge/linuxbridge_plugin.json.

 "name": "linuxbridge",
 "version": 1,
 "uuid": "d42b4163-af35-423a-acb4-a228290cf0be",
 "type": "network",
 "requirements": [
 "description": "linux Bridge network plugin",
 "configuration": {
   "ylocator": "tcp/<your zenoh ip>:7447",
   "nodeid": "<your node id>",
   "dataplane_interface": "<interface for overlay networks>",
   "use_vlan": true,
   "vlan_interface": "<interface for vlans>",
   "vlan_range": [
     <start vlan id>,
     <end vlan id>

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