Eclipse fog05 - 0.2.2 Release

08 October 2020

We are glad to announce that Eclipse fog05 0.2.2.

This is release include the first implementation of fog05's Orchestration Engine, namely FOrcE and provide integration with Kubernetes.

Release 0.2.2 includes also a new command line tool that allows interaction with FOrcE.

In details 0.2.2 includes :

  • Initial implentation of Fog Orchestration Engine (FOrcE)
  • Kubernetes integration in FOrcE
  • fosctl command line utility
  • Bugfixes

Instructions on how to install and use both fosctl and FOrcE are available here and here.

More information and .deb packages can be found here

The components included in the release are:

Further information can be found on the Gitter and on GitHub