Eclipse fog05

The End-to-End Compute, Storage and Networking Virtualisation solution.

Eclipse fog05 is an open source project that aims at providing a decentralised infrastructure for provisioning and managing compute, storage, communication and I/O resources available anywhere across the network. Eclipse fog05 addresses highly heterogeneous systems even those with extremely resource-constrained nodes.

Unified abstractions

Common API and information model for management. Eclipse fog05 provides an unified API for the management of the virtualisation infrastructure.

Operating System Plugins
Eclipse fog05 can run on different operating systems, it just need the right OS Plugin.

Networking Plugins
Eclipse fog05 can manage networking fabrics for which a Netwoking plugin is present.

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Heterogenous applications

Support of heterogenous runtimes, hypervisors and networking. Deploy heterogenous applications composed by VMs, containers, ROS2, native applications.

Runtime Plugins
Eclipse fog05 can manage and open-ended set of hypervisors and container technologies for which a Runtime Plugin was implemented.

Single Descriptor
Eclipse fog05 allows you to define your application in a single descriptor. No matters if it is composed by heterogeneous components.

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Eclipse fog05 is designed to be deployed from big servers to micro-controllers.

Decentralised state
Because Eclipse fog05 uses Eclipse Zenoh for location-transparency state access and management. It can be deployed on resource constrained devices and leverage other nodes for state management.

Eclipse fog05 is built with a plugin architecture and his components can be deployed separately.

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